The Issues


Healthcare is a right. I believe the illness of a loved one should not jeopardize your career or crush your bank account. I believe everyone deserves access to a family doctor, no matter how much they make or where they’re from. I believe in striving towards the goal of a universal healthcare system.

The guys running the show abandoned these values years ago. In Texas, the uninsured rates are unacceptable, skyrocketing maternal mortality rates are a tragedy, children’s healthcare (CHIP) remains in jeopardy, and the Affordable Care Act is being sabotaged.

We have to find the political will to bring everyone to the table immediately and deliver healthcare solutions for Texans. That is why I am committed to adopting the Medicaid expansion, passing paid family and sick leave, providing state mental health facilities the funding they need, stopping the attacks on women's healthcare, and ending the medical deserts in urban and rural Texas.

Jobs and the Economy

I believe an honest day’s work deserves an honest day’s pay. Texans are working harder each day, but the gap continues to expand. We can and we must break open the doors of opportunity for everyone.

While politicians in Austin debate cruel and divisive legislation like the show-me-your-papers and bathroom bills, the Texas economic brand is suffering. No one, not the parents of bullied students nor Texas business leaders, should have to beg politicians at the Capitol to do the right thing. This nonsense has got to stop.   

Workers, small businesses, innovators, and entrepreneurs all agree that it's time to embrace, not suppress, the diversity of Texas. That diversity is part of what makes us great, and it presents us with even greater opportunity in a competitive global economy. We can and must have the most talented workforce in the world, and the economic security our workers deserve. That’s why I support solutions that give access to college for everyone, increased trade school opportunities, raising the minimum wage to a living wage, equal pay for equal work, and real investments that boost our economy while addressing our state’s growing infrastructure needs.


We must educate to elevate. Education gave me the opportunity to build on my humble beginnings in a migrant farmworker family and ultimately serve in the U.S. military, as a federal agent, and in elected office.

Our teachers are working their hearts out and education is a right, but politicians in Austin have still failed our state. The school finance system is broken and underfunded. But if we make the investments and look comprehensively at how our kids can succeed, we can create a path for our kids to achieve their dreams and provide access to real, universal pre-k.

We have to invest in Texans and help them find their path to the education they dream of—whether that’s university without massive debt, free community college, trade skills, or the tools to start a small business. Our children are the best investment we can ever make and I won't let this next generation go without the education they rightfully deserve.


Colonias and rural communities across the state live in daily fear about their water supply. Dangerous amounts of lead, pollution, and arsenic may poison pregnant women, children, and our families.

Water is essential to life and we must care for our environment. Ensuring there is enough clean and safe drinking water for everyone has to be a priority.

Water is also critical for growth and development of Texas business and agriculture. We must invest in the infrastructure necessary to secure our water supply for generations to come.


Every minute Texans are stuck in traffic is a minute away from their families and work. Products are sitting idle in trailers on clogged highways in every major metro area. That means more pollution, more expense, and more damage to our roads.

We have to invest in our infrastructure and plan for growth. There are no excuses. It is time to embrace a future with high-speed rail, attractive public transit options, and in the not-so-distant-future new modes of transportation like self-driving cars.