Sheriff. Veteran. Daughter of migrant farmworkers. Dedicated to defending Texans.

Lupe Valdez

Former Dallas Sheriff and Gubernatorial Candidate


“From migrant farmworker to Captain in the U.S National Guard, federal agent to the very proud Sheriff of the good people of Dallas County, I’ve dedicated my life to defending Texans and I’m not done yet.”


Standing Out from the Crowd

From being the first Latina sheriff in the US to one of the first LGBTQ elected officials, Lupe has never shied from shaking the political establishment. Read more of Lupe’s story


What I Believe

Over my 13 years managing the seventh largest sheriff’s department in the country, I’ve learned that no one can do it alone. That’s especially true for the job of building a New Texas -- one based on unity, not division, and where everyone has a fair shot to get ahead.

I proudly support every plank of the Texas Democratic Party’s Texas Bill of Rights. From strengthening our economic security to defending the dignity and respect of every human being, these progressive ideas are rooted in Democratic values and are shared by a common sense majority of Texans.

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