Your next Governor of Texas. Sheriff. Veteran. Daughter of migrant farmworkers. Dedicated to defending Texans.
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why I'm running

“Like so many Texans, I have lived the kind of life where your day starts before the sun rises. From migrant farmworker to U.S. Army Captain, federal agent to the very proud Sheriff of the good people of Dallas County, I’ve dedicated my life to defending Texans and I’m not done yet.”


What I believe

Over my 13 years managing the seventh largest sheriff’s department in the country, I’ve learned that no one can do it alone. That’s especially true for the job of building a New Texas -- one based on unity, not division, and where everyone has a fair shot to get ahead. It’s a big job, and it’s going to take everyone pitching in. That’s why it is critically important that Texans know the ideas and core values that will guide us on this journey.

I proudly support every plank of the Texas Democratic Party’s Texas Bill of Rights. From strengthening our  economic security to defending the dignity and respect of every human being, these progressive ideas are rooted in Democratic values and are shared by a common sense majority of Texans.

I believe the governor has the duty to set a vision for a Texas where everyone can accomplish their dreams and take part in the great prosperity of our state. It will take the voices of everyday Texans, passionate advocates and experts at the table, innovative and sometimes unconventional solutions, and an unwavering commitment to our common sense values.

I’m excited to listen to your ideas and take the path towards our future, together.

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