An economy that doesn’t treat women equally is not a thriving economy. That is why I will fight to level the playing field for women. Women, especially women of color, still do not get equal pay. This doesn’t just hurt women – it hurts families and it hurts our economy. We must change it.

But equal pay alone is not enough. We must break down the barriers for women in our economy. Without paid leave or affordable child care, too many women are sidelined. And with two-thirds of all minimum wage earners being women, the lack of a living wage hurts us all.

More and more, women are becoming the primary wage earners in their households - working longer hours just to catch up. Building an economy that treats women fairly is not just a "women's issue" - it is a family issue and an economic issue.

When we level the playing field for women, we all do better. It's time for Texas to have a Governor who will stand up and fight for an economy that truly works for all Texans.