The constant barrage of attacks on women’s health from Greg Abbott and the Republican-led legislature is an utterly absurd, dehumanizing, and draconian way to do business. A room full of men in Austin shouldn’t be getting between Texas women and their doctors. It’s time to put an end to it. But it is not enough to simply stop the dangerous attacks from the right wing, Texas women and their families deserve a champion, and that is what I intend to be.

As your governor, I will fight tirelessly to protect women’s health and fundamental rights to their own bodies, working hand in hand with groups like Planned Parenthood, whom I’m proud to be endorsed by. I will fight for comprehensive sex education in our schools and for women to have every resource necessary to make decisions about their own health - including safe and easy access to clinics and contraceptives. This shouldn't be a polarizing issue - this should be about treating people with dignity and respect, improving health outcomes, and strengthening Texas.