Voting is at the core of who we are as Americans and as Texans. It is a right that Americans have fought and died for, and it is the most fundamental way to participate in our democracy. For some reason, Governor Abbott and his allies have done everything they can to make it harder for eligible Texans to vote. Why are they so afraid of citizens participating in our democracy?

The never-ending assault on voting rights through discriminatory Voter ID laws, unnecessarily burdensome registration processes, and tireless efforts to make it harder to vote are undemocratic and go against our values. I would fight to undo these harmful policies.

In addition to fighting against mindless efforts to curtail voting rights, I will proactively advocate for legislation and policies to expand voting rights. As governor, I would push for policies like automatic voter registration and would use the bully pulpit to encourage the federal government to modernize and pass an updated Voting Rights Act. The goal should be to make it easier for more Texas citizens to get to the polls - not harder.