Shameful gerrymandering has harmed our state and diminished the voices of millions of Texans. The discriminatory intent of these maps are so blatant that taxpayers have been on the hook to defend these maps for nearly a decade in courts. Rather than draw maps that reflect our diverse state and lead to fair representation, Republicans in the legislature chose to hide behind close doors and shut out millions of voices from true representation. It shouldn’t be controversial to say that we want fair maps drawn so that neither political party benefits from discriminatory gerrymanders.

It’s time we stopped putting politics over representation, and made sure that our citizens’ voices are heard. As your governor, I will push for an independent and non-partisan commission to draw our maps because ALL Texans deserve to have equal representation. Whether it’s Republicans or Democrats benefitting from drawing the maps, citizens lose when we don’t take this issue seriously and address it in a non-partisan way.