Greg Abbott’s failed leadership and failure to fund our public schools has pushed the financial burdens of the state squarely on to the backs of middle class homeowners and small businesses. Governor Abbott even signed a budget that explicitly raised property taxes on everyday Texans by raising appraisals nearly 14%, all to cover for his quest to divest from public education. Because of Governor Abbott and Lt. Governor Dan Patrick’s failure to do their jobs, our local communities have been forced to pick up the slack, leading to skyrocketing and burdensome property taxes. Additionally, loopholes and handouts to his special interest donors have made a bad situation, worse. 

Greg Abbott is failing our state and everyday Texans. We deserve better. As your Governor, I will fight the failed fiscal policies of this administration by closing property tax loopholes that benefit those at the top, reducing property taxes, and reform our broken school finance system to lighten the burden on local communities. I will also work to institute policies that will protect Texans from being priced out of their homes due to the hyperinflation of property values; no Texan should be priced out of their homes because of Greg Abbott's bad decisions. Texans deserve a better system where everyone is paying their fair share.