Like any member of the LGBTQ community knows, being gay is only part of who I am - but it’s a part that I’m immensely proud of and a community that is my honor to represent. As your governor, I will actively fight for equality for our community, as I have always done. It is simply outrageous that in many places in Texas, you can still be married on Saturday and fired on Monday, all because of who you love. We must work to enshrine protections for the LGBTQ community.

We all remember the headlines about bathrooms last year, and most folks could guess where I stand on this issue. But with unprecedented rates of violence directed toward the trans community in 2017, it still needs to be said — We must stand up to the fear and hate directed at our trans neighbors. Period. And as your governor, I will fight to protect the rights, dignity, and lives of trans Texans and all members of our LGBTQ community.