I believe an honest day’s work deserves an honest day’s pay. Texans are working harder each day, but the gap continues to expand. We can and we must break open the doors of opportunity for everyone.

While politicians in Austin debate cruel and divisive legislation like the show-me-your-papers and bathroom bills, the Texas economic brand is suffering. No one, not the parents of bullied students nor Texas business leaders, should have to beg politicians at the Capitol to do the right thing. This nonsense has got to stop.   

Workers, small businesses, innovators, and entrepreneurs all agree that it's time to embrace, not suppress, the diversity of Texas. That diversity is part of what makes us great, and it presents us with even greater opportunity in a competitive global economy. We can and must have the most talented workforce in the world, and the economic security our workers deserve.

That’s why I support solutions to give every Texan the opportunity to truly get ahead and climb the ladder to the middle class and beyond. As Governor, I’ll fight for the policies to make that a reality.

I will fight for policies that give access to college for everyone and make sure cost is never a barrier to education. I will work to increase increased trade school opportunities and vocational training to ensure our workforce is trained for all the jobs of the 21st century. We also must fight for a living wage to ensure that anyone who works a full week can care for their families.  We must fight to pass paid sick leave across Texas, not shut down efforts for change. No one should have to choose between a job or caring for a sick loved one.  Finally, we must truly break down the barriers and level the playing field for women in the economy. 

To get there, we must examine the tax code for loopholes to ensure big corporations are paying their fair share. I will push for solutions that raise the necessary resources without placing the burden on working families, and will oppose reforms that would remove important exemptions on sales taxes or other proposals that would mean regressive hikes on working Texans.