Standing up for immigrant communities has been a staple of my life. It is my goal to make sure that young Texans don't face the same inhumane treatment I witnessed firsthand growing up.

Greg Abbott and Donald Trump’s fear-based approach to immigration is inhumane, bad for our communities, bad for our economy, and wrong for Texas. To solve our immigration challenges, we need to protect DREAMers and we need to enact comprehensive immigration reform with a pathway to citizenship for those caught up in our broken immigration system so that families stop being torn apart. 

Too often, our broken immigration systems treats immigrant communities as bargaining chips. State and Federal officials are pushing policies on local law enforcement that cruelly rip families apart, destroy trust in communities, harm public safety, and hurt local economies by holding funds hostage to get their way. Our government shouldn’t function like that.  

I’ve been fighting Governor Abbott’s anti-immigrant policies for years and publicly feuded with him over SB4. I’m not stopping now. As governor, I will continue to be on the front lines of fighting for immigrant communities and against cruel policies like SB4.