Growing up it was “Should we go to the doctor or a ver que pasa… Let’s see what happens?” “A ver que pasa” is not an acceptable health care plan. I have lived through the fear and the suffering of not having healthcare and too many everyday Texans still do today. Health care is a right and it is time we treat it as such.

We are experiencing a health care crisis in Texas. 1 in 6 Texans lack health insurance and instead of working to make quality health care more affordable and accessible, Governor Abbott has done everything he can to take us backwards. The truth is, we’re already paying for universal healthcare, we are just doing it in the most expensive and inefficient possible.

By foolishly rejecting Medicaid expansion, Governor Abbott and Austin Republicans are leaving billions of Federal dollars on the table and nearly 1.5 million Texans without access to health care. As Governor, I would immediately push the state to accept Medicaid expansion and take advantage of this opportunity to insure more people and improve health outcomes. The evidence is clear that states that have accepted Medicaid expansion have seen improved health outcomes. Why would Texas not take advantage of that?

Aside from this obvious move, we also must stop the endless assault on women’s health and truly invest in women’s health to improve outcomes. Additionally, we must invest more in expanding access to critical health care in our rural communities and work to increase overall transparency of costs in the healthcare system.