We are living in a world in which our children are marching in the streets so that we, the grown ups, will make a legislative change to keep them safe - and I’m listening.

I have carried a gun for most of my life - first in the military and then in law enforcement - and I strongly believe in the Second Amendment. But if someone cannot handle their disagreements with means other than violence, they should not be allowed to have a weapon. It’s just common sense - so why not put some common sense measures in place in our state?

There are many things we can do right now to try to keep our kids and community safer. We need to push for universal background checks, and we must also close loopholes, like the boyfriend loophole, to make sure domestic abusers and others who should not have a weapon don’t gain access. Also at the state level, I would push to make it a state offense to lie on a background check and ensure our law enforcement have case tracking databases.

It’s time for the adults to step up and act to do more to prevent gun violence.