While we have a climate change denier in the Governor’s office, Texas suffers from a dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico, polluted air and water, and storms that bring unprecedented rain and destruction to our coasts. Climate change is an urgent matter, and Texans who accept science as fact must reject the dangerous and destructive brand of politics of our current administration.

As your Governor, I will fight for legislation to protect our natural resources while enforcing the laws already on the books. This isn't just about maintaining the status quo, it’s about actively making a future we can be proud of and that’s safe for our grandchildren.

In addition to protecting the beauty and bounty of our state, Texas has the chance to become the clean energy superpower of the world. Texas produces more wind energy than anywhere else in the country and is rapidly generating more and more solar energy. Investing in this cleaner future means more jobs and a better economy - and that’s something I can get behind.