What I Believe:

At the core of our democracy is that we have a right to vote and a right to fair representation. These are rights Americans have risked lives over, yet instead of honoring those sacrifices, Governor Abbott and his allies have made it harder for eligible Texans citizens  to vote and defended gerrymandering.

Why are they so afraid of citizens having a say?

What I WIll Do:

To ensure, Texans have a say in how they are governed I will not only fight against discriminatory voter identification laws and unnecessarily burdensome registration processes, I will advocate to expand voting rights and push for policies like automatic voter registration and encourage the federal government to update the Voting Rights Act. The goal should be to make it easier for more Texas citizens to get to the polls -- not harder.

Additionally, In a true democracy, people pick their representative, not the other way around. I will support giving control over the redistricting process in Texas to a nonpartisan commission, so that we can put an end to the discriminatory gerrymandering that has harmed our state & shut out millions of Texans from receiving fair representation. It shouldn’t be controversial to say that we want accurate maps drawn so that neither political party benefits from discriminatory gerrymandering.