What I Believe:

I know first hand the cruel and inhumane treatment that many immigrant communities experience today and after a 42-year career in law enforcement protecting Americans at home and abroad - I know what keeps our communities safe. Greg Abbott and Donald Trump’s fear-based approach to both immigration and border security isn’t it - it is inhumane, bad for our communities, bad for our economy, and doesn’t represent our values as Americans or Texans.

What I Will do:

As the state with the most diverse population and the second longest border in the country, we should be leading the way on how to both keep criminal elements out of country while also treating our immigrant communities with dignity and respect.

We need to enact comprehensive immigration reform with a pathway to citizenship and stop appeasing Trump’s hate and intolerance with attacks on our DREAMers and end cruel policies that target Texans based on ethnicity and citizenship status, which only make us less safe. Instead of an approach to border security disconnected from reality that harm our border communities, we should make smart investments to the local people who understand the border and treat those seeking asylum humanely, not separate families and incarcerate children.