What I Believe:

Growing up, it was “Should we go to the doctor or a ver que pasa… Let’s see what happens?” A ver que pasa is not an acceptable healthcare plan. I have lived through the fear and the suffering of not having healthcare coverage, and too many everyday hardworking Texans still do today. Healthcare is a right and it is time we treat it as such. And women’s health issues shouldn’t be dictated by a room full of men in Austin.

What I’m Doing:

We are experiencing a health care crisis in Texas. An unregulated private health care system puts profit over people, while we remain the most uninsured state in the country. Instead of working to make quality healthcare more affordable and accessible, Governor Abbott has done everything he can to end pre-existing condition protections and attack women’s health.

Therefore, we must accept the $9 billion dollar Medicaid expansion, which would insure 1.5 million people. Additionally, we must expand access to critical healthcare in our rural communities, which have become medical deserts after Texas has closed down more rural hospitals than any other state in the country in the last eight years. Lastly, I will fight tirelessly to protect women’s health and fundamental rights to their own bodies, so that women to have every resource necessary to make decisions about their own health.

These shouldn't be polarizing issues -- this should be about treating people with dignity and respect, improving health outcomes, and strengthening the health of Texas.