What I Believe:

I have carried a gun for most of my life -- in the military and law enforcement, and as a civilian-- and I strongly believe in the Second Amendment. But if someone cannot handle their disagreements with means other than violence, they should not be allowed to have a weapon. In the wake of recent mass shootings, Governor Greg Abbott acts as if gun violence is inevitable and isolated to schools. But we are not powerless to stop these tragedies, regardless of where it happens.

We are living in a world where our children are marching in the streets so that the adults, will make a change to keep them safe -- and I hear them loud and clear.

What I Will Do:

Unlike, my opponent, I am in support of common sense measures that can keep our children and communities safer. Among the things we must push for include universal background checks, making it a state offense to lie on a background check, and closing loopholes so domestic abusers can’t have access to a weapon. Lastly we should enact, not simply study “Red Flag” laws, so that law enforcement and families can flag someone who may pose an immediate danger to themselves or others for their access to firearms to be temporarily limited - all the while maintaining due process.

It doesn’t take a bold politician to protect their people -- just someone who genuinely cares for Texas lives instead of gun lobby pocketbooks.