What I Believe:

Texas doesn’t have the luxury of having a climate change denier, like our current Governor, leading the state. We suffer from a dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico, polluted air and water systems, and weather events that bring unprecedented destruction to our communities and industries.  This isn't just about maintaining the status quo - it is about actively building a future we can be proud of and a world that’s safe for future generations.

What I Will Do:

As Governor, I will make sure Texas is proactively taking steps to protect our environment and invest in our disaster preparedness, rebuild smart and resilient to make sure we are ready for major weather events.

Preparing for the challenges of the future involves the thoughtful collaboration of federal, state, and local resources so that we can design and implement plans that will protect our homes and coasts from flooding and dangerous storm surges, and safeguard our farmers and rural communities from drought and other issues of water insecurity.

Texas produces more wind energy than anywhere else in the country and is rapidly generating more and more solar energy, so investing in this cleaner future means more jobs and a better economy, so that Texas can become the clean energy superpower of the world.