What I Believe:

Despite my humble upbringing in the poorest neighborhood in San Antonio, I am where I am today because a Texas public school gave me the opportunity to succeed. Our public schools are the path to opportunity, but for too many Texans, that opportunity is slipping away under the current Governor’s failed policies.

A child’s background, zip code, race, or how much money their parents make shouldn’t matter – every child deserves the chance to succeed. It is the state’s responsibility to ensure all of our children have the opportunity to receive a quality education; and right now, the state simply isn’t doing its job. It is time to get serious about investing in our children and investing in our future.  

What I Will Do:

The Texas we pass on to the next generation all come back to how we prepare our people to address the challenges ahead. This means expanding access to everything from early childhood education, to college readiness programs, to vocational training aimed at producing a skilled workforce.

First, we must fix our broken school finance system. It is past time for the state to pay its fair share and stop placing the burden on local communities and homeowners, which has caused property taxes to skyrocket. Aside from updating our outdated funding formulas, we have to ensure that funding is equitable across Texas.

We must equally lift up the children. That is why I will fight for universal Pre-K for all Texas students and remove the illegal caps on special education funding. Additionally, we should invest more in college readiness programs and vocational training aimed at producing a skilled workforce. We also must begin to pay and treat our teachers like the professionals that they are and and make sure they are teaching to our children and not a standardized test. We must also honor those already retired by funding their pensions at a rate that keeps pace with the cost of living.