What I Believe:

I have spent a lifetime serving citizens through my work in law enforcement, and I have seen that there is no greater service than protecting and serving one’s community. I believe that the best way to continue protecting and serving the citizens of Texas is to change the way that criminal justice works in our state. As Sheriff of Dallas County, we made great strides in improving the conditions of our local justice system -- I am ready to see these same reforms brought statewide.

What I Will Do:

We must end the era of mass incarceration, reform the cash bail system, decriminalize misdemeanor possession of marijuana, and ban for-profit prisons. These are major contributing factors to systemic oppression, racism, and classism, and combatting their harmful effects on our society is a major step forward in the fight for a fairer Texas.

We must also work together with municipalities to strengthen the bonds of trust between police and communities and train our police forces to the highest standard, because better trained and accountable police forces means safer neighborhoods and safer cops. Criminal justice has been the fight of my life, and I will push to make sure that Texas is on the front lines of the most effective and progressive practices and reforms possible.